The Best States To Travel To During A Zombie Attack! [Infographic]

The purpose of this post is because I’ve been fascinated by the election. Our United States has changed no matter who is actually inaugurated on January 20, 2017 by the electoral college vote of December 19, 2016.

The campaigns leading up to our vote on November 7, 2016 was a bit frightening. I’ve also been interested in zombies and as you can tell from this site, travel. That got me to thinking - how can I combine the election, travel and zombies...well….here it is. If zombies were to attack our country, which candidate’s voting population would survive the attack and which state would I be able to have the highest probability of survival? That lead me to really think about the variables that would be important to anyone looking to survive which created the Zombie Survival Index or (ZSI).

The ZSI is made up of the following variables:

Farmland Acres
Active Military
Obesity Rate
Cremation Rate
Zombie Interest

We also tracked Walmart Stores just for fun!

Below you’ll find an infographic of the most interesting facts and figures based on data that’s been pulled from a variety of government sources and of course Google Trends for Zombie Interest - how else would you measure it but internet searches!

Below the infographic here you’ll find a detailed description breaking down each of the sections if you’re interested in learning more about the details behind the data compiled.

surviving a zombie attack

The idea here is to compare the states won by each of the candidates and mash up the percentage total they would own of each of the categories above. Now you may be asking yourself, why these variables?

Well - here you go!

Walmart Stores

Inside of a Walmart store (depending on the state) you’ll find guns, ammo, body armour and many other supplies to help protect yourself. They will also be great places for Zombies to hide out so it’s an interesting dilemma that you’re supplies may well live inside of a Zombie hideout so make sure to be safe!

Trump: 2,369 Stores

Clinton: 961 Stores

It’s important to note that Texas has almost 10% of the Walmart stores in the country coming in at a whopping 329 stores! Florida isn’t far behind at 191 stores and ~6% of the total store population. Two states that went to Trump.

Farmland Acres

Have you ever thought about growing your own food so you don’t have to go to the store and risk death or potentially getting attacked by a Zombie? This is the reason why Farmland is so important. You can grow your own food, and in such a space, you’re not going to be attracting zombies as you might do in an urban area like downtown Boston, New York City or San Francisco.

Trump: 715,600,740 Acres

Clinton: 221,027,750 Acres

You’ll find that Texas takes the cake on this one too at 130,072,000 total acres of farmland or .21 acres per person if you take into account the 27M people that reside there. Montana is a distant second but has 60,088,000 acres for survival. These are also two states that went for Trump - feeling a trend yet?

Active Military

This should be a pretty obvious one. The more active military in the state, the higher likelihood of survival, if they choose to protect the state citizens from zombies. There is also the risk that they become zombies and this statistic becomes a negative. Either way, it’s worth tracking the active military and figuring out a way to survive with them around you.

Trump: 587,824 active military

Clinton: 474,799 active military

Clinton is closer on this one but it’s still a loss based on the location of these active military persons.

Firearms/1,000 people

Guns are good - at least in the case of trying to survive a zombie attack. After putting this together, we realized that this is just registered guns. We don’t have any way of tracking unregistered guns and most likely those unregistered guns are going to be the ones that save your life. The assumption on the firearms that are registered are not going to be those assault rifles or mini guns used but that would be helpful during a zombie attack.

Total Firearms:

Trump: 102,584,009

Clinton: 41,719,945


Trump: 566 - that’s more than half will have a gun! 566/1000 people will have one if distributed evenly (unlikely)

Clinton: 298

Based on using the population by state totals found at the source below.

Obesity Rate:

The faster you run the better so we took into account the healthiness of the states and individuals within those states. What we found was very interesting and worth sharing with you.

Did you know that 40 states have over a 60% overweight population? This tells me that it’s going to be difficult for individuals to run away from zombies coming after them.

The most obese state is Mississippi at 34% and the next state (Kentucky) comes in at 28% but overall they are both hovering at 67% overweight so in reality, if you’re in healthy shape and are in the area, it might be wise to head down to either of these states if you feel confident in outrunning others!

Average by Candidate:

Trump: 63%

Clinton: 60%

This tells me that our entire country is around the same rate in comparison to some of the other topics here making everyone about average here.

Cremation Rate

One type of Zombie according to is a Bonie. This is a zombie that is basically a walking dead body and can come back to life. The point here is that if you cremate a body, it’s not possible to increase the zombie population so those states with a higher cremation rate have a higher rate of survival.

Trump: 28%

Clinton: 45%

This means that Trump states are cremating about ~20% less than Clinton states. This shows that Clinton states will have less bodies that can come back to bite you - pun intended.

Zombie Interest:

The interest of this overall has started to increase in certain states and decline in others. If you want to check out the details, you can go straight to Google Trends and check it out. The higher the interest in this category, the more likely the individuals in the states will have knowledge on how to fight and survive against them.

The state with the most interest in Zombies is….New Mexico!

Trump: 63%

Clinton: 37%

These percentages represent the states with higher interest and you can see here that Trump wins again.

Well - that concludes the breakdown of each category. Below are the percentages each category represents and the sources that I pulled the details from for your reference, if you’d like.

Enjoy and get your @$$ to either California or Wyoming for the best chance of survival. I would also highly recommend that you get the best travel backpack you can and pack it with the goodies you need to survive. If you end up needing two backpacks, I’d recommend taking a look at the best hiking backpack so you’re prepped and ready to go.

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