The Top 5 Carry On Backpacks: A Buyer’s Guide

Hynes Eagle 40L Flight Approved Carry on Backpack

If you are planning on traveling by air, the thought of carrying luggage will always hit your mind. You will not need to go for the hard cases, as they do not reshape or get squeezed into tight spaces in planes. The best carry on backpack for traveling will provide you with the necessary space to keep most of your stuff. Be on the lookout for a backpack that provides a laptop spot, tablet spot and is capable of getting up above or down below.

A number of them exist today and choosing one might not be easy unless you have a guide. I wrote this guide to help you have an easier time packing for your trip. Check out the top-rated backpack to the left here and the comparison chart below.  You'll be glad you did!

Carry On Backpack Comparison Table

Top Rated Carry On Backpacks

Hynes Eagle 40L Carry in Backpack – Flight Approved

Hynes Eagle 40L Flight Approved Carry on Backpack

It is the best backpack for air travel you can use today. It is designed to fit within the maximum size allowed by most airlines as a carry-on bag. You can easily fit it in the overhead compartments or the under-seat storage in the plane. The various carrying options should help with choosing the most suitable. You can carry it as a backpack or a duffle bag by switching the carrying position. The hideaway straps on this model are well contoured with additional mesh and padding. It's comfortable carrying this backpack on your travels because it is one of the best travel backpack carry on you can find on the market.

Prottoni Carry On Backpack

Prottoni Carry On Backpack

This carry on backpack has the best features. The Prottoni model is made of high quality fabric that makes it last longer than other common backpacks. The PVC lining used for this model is important to make the backpack waterproof. The many pockets available are quite a nice feature that you will love being a traveler with. The best part is the hidden pocket which is important to store your valuables in. The zippers on the other hand, are made to be high quality, thus preventing water from getting in and also easy theft. If you are looking for the best carry on travel backpack, look no further!

Cabin Max Palermo Carry-On Backpack

Cabin Max Palermo Carry-on luggage Cabin bag Detachable Toiletry Bag 44 litres

A great travel backpack carry on will always have enough room to store most of your stuff for the trip. It is what you get with this model. It comes with amazing capacity of 44 liters. Such a capacity should be more than sufficient to store most of your trip luggage. The model still features a detachable toiletry bag. This helps you to remember about packing your toiletries early enough for the trip. The shoulder straps are made to be adjustable and padded too. You simply need to adjust it for a comfortable fit. The manufacturer included a sturdy top and carry handles on the side for easy switching between different carrying options.

Swiss Gear Lightweight Laptop Backpack

Swiss Gear Lightweight ScanSmart Laptop Backpack SA1923

Anyone who has used a Swiss Gear backpack before would understand why it is rated as the best carry on luggage backpack. The company over the years has produced many backpacks, which often meet the needs of many travelers. This one is not any different based on its many great features. With an airflow backing system, you should no longer worry about sweaty backs when carrying it on a long trip. A cool breeze is what you will be feeling all day long. There is still a water bottle pocket to keep yourself hydrated easily on the trip.

High Sierra Access Backpack

High Sierra Access Backpack

The High Sierra access backpack is the right carry on backpack size. It is not too big that you feel it is a burden and not too small to make it unusable for most trips. The backpack is made to have many compartments, which can be easily accessible with strong zippers. The compartments are enough to keep all your stuff for a person in a constant move during the trip. You get a cushion sleeve in the inner compartment to help with storing your digital electronics such as computers and tablets. The model also features a media pocket with a headphone port. This pocket can hold multiple cellphones and MP3 players. The S-shaped shoulder straps help with promoting airflow into the shoulders to minimize sweating.

Here are some tips next time you need to pack your carry on.  Great tips but be warned - lots of info!

Carry on backpacks will always find use for most air travelers. They would need a bag versatile enough to keep them on the move. As you have seen, some even come with toiletry bags to keep yourself refreshed when you get to your destination. Compare between the various models mentioned to find the right backpack that can deliver on your needs as a traveler. You might find that some are great for short trips, while others have enough space to last you for days on the move. The options above are some travel backpacks carry on options but there are many more so check these out and choose one or find another but it’s important to pick the best for your needs.  If you're looking for options for hiking backpacks then it's better to visit our other recommendations for the best travel backpacks because this is really meant for carrying on.  Choose wisely!

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