The Best Travel Backpack: A Magnificiant Buyer’s Guide

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Traveling is no fun if you have to leave most of the things you need for the trip back at home. Getting a travel backpack is the first step to having a wonderful trip traveling for business, pleasure or around town. Finding that right travel companion is the first step but there are many options you must consider about good travel backpacks. Without doing the right research, you may end up with a pack that you just want to leave at home or have to return it. The best travel backpack should always offer the right features based on the traveler needs. It is that reason that you’ll get travelers with different preferences. Below you’ll find the categories to work from and then we can talk about the right solution for you.

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Types of Travel Backpacks

We’ve entered into an era that has allowed companies to build solutions for each person’s needs. Can you believe that we have the most comfortable backpack?  We can use these at school, traveling or just as day backpacks. As an individual that is traveling around cities like San Francisco, New York, Chicago, LA, etc., you'll need to get yourself the best travel backpack, right? Well - here are the types you need to learn about before making any decision!

Hiking Backpacks

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If you like traveling to different outdoor places for a hike, you will want a travel hiking backpack. The benefit of such a backpack is that you get more space to store all your hiking gear and leave room for food and clothes. These backpacks would be designed to offer more comfort as you might be traveling over long distances with a lot of weight on your back.

Day Backpack

For the casual traveler, you might enjoy having some occasional stuff with you. This is where the day backpack for travel comes in. This type of travel backpack is designed only to hold the essential stuff you need for traveling around just for the day. The day backpacks are often easily foldable so that you can leave the large bags at the hotel and move around the city with the best small backpack  There are plenty of other types of backpacks you can check out but this should be a good start. 

Urban Backpack

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For those who plan on living out of their backpacks, this type should serve them right. They often come with enough space to keep all the stuff needed to survive around a city. You will need a checklist just to make sure that you have stored everything you need for the trip. You should be able to enjoy the city of choice with all the stuff needed for survival in the travel backpack.

Many manufacturers today are producing the best traveling backpacks, making it not so easy for the buyers. There are a few rolling backpacks too but the main categories are here for you to check out!  The buyers sometimes can get overwhelmed with the many options they have in terms of choosing the right backpack for traveling. Below you will get to learn more about some of the top rated best travel backpacks you can buy today.

SwissGear Travel ScanSmart Backpack - 1900

SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart

For a person who loves to travel while packing more, then this could just be the right backpack for you. It is extra roomy to provide more space need to pack all your travel stuff. The manufacturer made it to have an amazing durable ballistic fabric. The backpack should be able to serve you over the years, making you feel it was worth all the money spent on it. A heavily padded back is important to keep you feeling comfortable when carrying the bag over long distances. The shoulder straps will easily contour to the shape of your shoulders to minimize the effect feeling strained.

Its size is within the size commonly recommended by airlines for security scanning. You should have an easy time getting past security the next time at the airport. To make it even multipurpose, you get additional sleeves to store your computer. Most sizes should easily fit up to 17 inches of screen size.

Venture Pal Lightweight Durable Travel Backpack

Venture Pal Lightweight Pack

It is quite the best backpack for travel as it is made to be highly durable. The high durability makes it to be used in various applications other than just traveling. The durability is attributed to the high quality tear resistant material used to make the backpack fabric. There is an additional double layer bottom important for carrying more load for the trip.

Comfort would be necessary for a great traveling backpack. The breathable mesh straps for the shoulders promote airflow and comfort as they are also padded. With the length of the straps adjustable, a user could easily end up with a perfect fit. You will enjoy using the multiple compartments to organize your stuff in the bag.

Outlander Packable Handy Travel Backpack

Outlander Backpack

For various reasons, this backpack often gets rated to be the right one for travel among the many best backpacks for travel lists. The first reason would be that it is lightweight. It only weighs 0.5 pounds, making it quite a less of a burden. The 33 liters of space are quite impressive for a model that weighs less. The backpack is still made to be compact as you can fold it into a small package and fit it anywhere.

Durability would be important for any backpack that you buy today. This one has an amazing rip and water resistant fabric. You will not have to worry about your stuff getting wet while outdoors. Being rip resistant makes the backpack usable for over long periods. The backpack is still not just for traveling, you could still use it for daily use.

Cabin Max Metz Travel Backpack

Cabin Max Metz Backpack

Since this model is flight approved, you can easily see why it gets to be one of the best backpack for traveling. You no longer have to switch from one bag to another, each time you need to travel. It is designed to fit easily in the luggage spaces offered in most transport facilities. The high strength nylon material offers better durability than some of the backpacks most people use. It is also padded on the back to give you that extra comfort you need for the travel.

With a low weight of only 1.5 pounds, you can have an easy time carrying it around. Even though it is rated as lightweight, you still get a lot of room to pack more stuff for travel.

OutdoorMaster Hiking/Travel Backpack

OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack

If you think your trip will last longer, you need the best backpack for traveling that still has more space. The 50 liters of space you get with this model should be enough to help you carry everything needed for the trip. The thickened straps offer amazing comfort any traveler with too much to carry will need. The waterproof cover should give your stuff in the backpack the protection needed from getting wet.

You still get a lot of pockets with this model. This means that organizing your stuff should be easier than before when you were using a different travel backpack. The soft padding compartment should be great for your laptops and other delicate devices.

Buying Guide

Some people might argue that the backpacks often perform the same functions, but there is a chance that one backpack will have more benefits over the others because of its features. Below, we get to see a number of features that top travel backpacks should have today.

Watch the video below to get a few tips on picking the right backpack!​


At the beginning, I mentioned the types of travel backpacks you can expect to find on the market today. These backpacks would only work in your favor if you end buying the correct type. You do not really need a large backpack if you have only a few things to carry for the trip. Consider checking out a number of types first before choosing the one that reflects best on your needs.


The size of the best backpack for travel will always meet the needs of many people. The size always determines just how much stuff you can carry for the trip. You can get a model that carries more, while the others will only carry a few items. Depending on the trip and what you need to carry, it is always important to choose the best travel backpack based on its size. The size of the backpacks will always be rated in terms of liters. The higher the number of liters, the more space you get to store your stuff for the trip.

Comfort Features

For the best traveling backpacks, comfort would always be a priority for many travelers. The idea is not to feel the burden of carrying your stuff from one area to another. Comfort is mostly based on the construction of the back panels and shoulder straps. The back panel to promote comfort will always have more padding than normal. It will also be designed to easily contour to the back of the user wearing it. The shoulder straps on the other hand will have paddings too, which will cushion the user from the normal strain of non-padded straps.

Frame Type

Frames are quite common in the travel backpacks, but not all backpacks will have the frames as part of the construction. The frames can be either external or internal. The work of the frames is to provide all the necessary support you need to carry heavy luggage in the backpack. The external frames are often not the best with big poles always sticking out. They also make the backpack to be heavy. Many people often prefer the internal frames, as they give you the support without being seen.


Compartments can also be an issue for some travelers. Not many people would love a travel backpack with only one large compartment. To some extent, it just feels annoying. The multiple compartments on the other hand help with proper organizing of the different things you need for the trip. Whenever you need something, you can always know where you last stored in the backpack.

Build Material

The material used to make the best backpacks for traveling should be amazing too. The material often determines the durability of a backpack. You might get some manufacturers using tear and wear resistant material to ensure that their customers can take the backpack to various places without the worry of ending up with a torn backpack. The durability of the backpack determines just how much stuff you can carry on your trip with each respective model.


You will be carrying the backpack for long periods most of the time while traveling. It is important that you have the best ventilation possible on it. Look for the ventilation features in different models before making up your mind. Sometimes you will get the mesh panels on the back and shoulders to increase ventilation. Other manufacturers offer various designs of their backpacks that allow for easier airflow.


The price will often be a deal breaker for many travelers. Many people would only want to spend money on the travel backpack if it is really worth it. If you limit yourself to a budget, sometimes you might not end up with good backpacks for traveling but rather find yourself with a panel loading backpack. The best thing would be leaving a reasonable room for price adjustment so that you can buy the right backpack for various applications when traveling.


Different manufacturers will be dangling their backpacks each saying it is the best, but you have to make a decision. After reading the reviews and buying guide above, it should be easy for you to make that decision today. The moment you buy the best travel backpack, as a traveler you will always feel that it is fulfilling. You will now be able to carry all the necessary stuff and still get to enjoy the trip. Starting today, never second-guess your decision about getting a backpack, simply check out the buying guide again and make an informed decision.

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