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High Sierra Appalachian

You have plenty of gear to take with you.  The most important piece is what you put on your back.  You get to leave the noisy cities and just go out to experience the outdoors on a completely different level. You will still, however, need to live out of your backpack, this now means you need the best backpacking backpack. Whenever you think about backpacking, the idea of choosing to backpack in Europe is common among hikers. Europe is known to have many places where you can extensively enjoy backpacking as a group. Simply get the best backpack for traveling and you are good to go.  Below are some quick reviews on the best backpacks for backpacking Europe.  Below are five options we reviewed for you but to the left is the #1 best we've found overall.  Spend some time taking a look over what we reviewed but when it comes down to it, you'll agree that the High Sierra Appalachian 75L is the best option you'll find.  

Backpacking Backpack Comparison Table

TETON Sports Explorer 4000 Backpack 

TETON Sports Explorer 4000 Internal Frame Backpack

The TETON 4000 is among the best travel backpacks for Europe for a number of reasons. The obvious reason is that you get more features at an affordable price. The full-length adjustable torso is important for the user to adjust it until it is a comfortable fit. The padded back provides the right support and comfort when you are carrying a lot of stuff for the backpacking event. The airflow system present on the model helps to give your back substantial air so that it does not end up feeling sweaty. The hip pads also easily contour around your hips to promote better support for the trip. The padded water bladder pocket will keep your water reservoir cool for longer.  If you're going to be heading out on long trips and need a simple way of storing drinking water, attaching a sleeping back and any other gear - check this out.  You'll have daisy chain loops for helping you get exactly that.  It's not the lightest pack but it sure does have a massive amount of space - 65L to be exact!

G4Free Large Lightweight Water Resistant Backpack

G4Free Large 40L Lightweight Water Resistant Travel Backpack

It is one of the best backpack for Europe because of its capacity. The 40 liters of space should be enough to carry all the stuff you need for a backpacking trip. You can throw in your clothes, towel, hammock, and a couple of beers to keep you company. Since the backpack can be folded, you should have no hard time storing it. You can only deploy it whenever necessary. The product is still made of high quality tear and water resistant fabric. With the many options out there, you should check this out if you're looking for an entry level option because it has a capacity of 40L. 

High Sierra Appalachian 75

High Sierra Appalachian 75

To experience the best trips, you need the right backpacks for backpacking Europe. This is where the High Sierra Appalachian model comes in. With its 75 liters of capacity, it is quite unbeatable in terms of space. You get tons of space to carry enough stuff for two people. Not many backpacks in this category can actually boast of having such a high capacity. There is an adjustable top lid on the bag to help with increasing the space if you have more stuff to carry. The aluminum frame bar is great for the backpack durability and still adjustable to fit the easily on the back.  I love the way this looks, feels and it has a lifetime warranty.  The drawstrings on the top make it very simple to secure and get going on the move.  If you're looking for the largest capacity and overall great quality product, get this. 

Mountaintop Water Resistant Hiking Backpack

Mountaintop 55L+10L Water-resistant Hiking Backpack/Trekking Bag Backpacking

With 55 liters of space, for sure it deserves a spot among the best travel backpacks for Europe. Its design makes the backpack great for camping, hiking other than backpacking. The design also makes it to be quite versatile as you can resize it to fit your needs for various trips. The polyester fabric used for this model is water resistant so that water can easily slide from the fabric without having enough time to penetrate into the backpack. The power frame system used on the bag design helps with providing support and distributes the weight across the body to ease strain on the back.

Vbiger Hiking Backpack

Vbiger Hiking Backpack Large Capacity Lightweight Water Resistant Mountaineering Daypack

Unlike other backpacks for Europe, you get a stylish backpack with a top loading pouch feature. The work of such a feature is to aid with fitting more into your backpack without being constrained to the zipper lock. You still be impressed by the ergonomic air diversion system, which will keep your back cooled even with backpacking for long periods. The breathable mesh on the back offers support and eases on the pressure you are likely to experience. You experience a capacity of 55 liters in total. Let us just say it is enough for carrying enough gear for backpacking. The inside compartment is made with a fabric interlayer important for your digital devices such as an iPad or laptop.

Here's a quick video on the best way to pack a backpack:

Finding the best backpacking backpack is a challenging task but by reviewing these, you’ll be on your way to finding your next companion. The next best backpack for backpacking is not far away if you have a chance to review these. It is no longer just about the durability of a backpack, it needs to be spacious and still have additional comfort properties. From the reviews above, you can easily note that these are the best backpacking backpacks based on the storage space they offer among other features. You will also be able to find the best backpacks for Europe when you’re heading out on your next adventure.  After you've been able to select the options you're going to use for backpacking, you'll need to make sure you pick up a day backpack for travel.  It's something everyone will need so don't forget on your way out!

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