Best Travel Bloggers to Follow in 2017

Best Travel Blogger

A new year is upon us and it's time to take a look at the bloggers that will be continuing to make a name for themselves.  You'll want to pay attention and follow the bloggers below with a close eye because they will be the top bloggers to follow in 2017!

If you're looking for the best travel blogs to read and need to find your next adventure, make sure you check out the bloggers below. 

That Backpacker

Audrey is free to roam the world!  In her travels post university and after her year of teaching in South Korea, she's become free to travel as a professional travel blogger.  Stop by her site to find the best travel tips and if you're looking for tips on traveling to Africa, Asia, Europe or the Middle East!  My fav is her packing list for South America since it requires a backpacking backpack!  

Beers and Beans

Looking for a photo roll of amazing pics from France, Italy, Iceland, Netherlands, Turkey and so many more countries then you need to stop by and take a look at Beers and Beans.  If you're looking for some great content, inspiration and the travel style of going slow with a 10 pound hound named Chachy - then this is the crew you need to spend time following!  It's not just about travel but the journey along the way.  I love their breakdown of the killer culinary tour of Boston's North End.  You have to stop by and continue to follow them on their journey of life. 

Dave's Travel Corner

What a fantastic resource Dave's Travel Corner has become.  It's been a resource since 1996 and I'm fascinated by the wealth of knowledge you can find with travel guides, journals, photos and videos.  If you're looking for video content or some of the best interviewees like the latest from Skuli Mogensen, Founder & CEO of WOW Air, then you should go on by and check it out. 

Global Grasshopper

Becky has done a fantastic job with the layout of her site.  The beauty it brings to the screen allows you to travel through her destinations, beautiful places and my favorite - cool hotels!  I'm in Oregon so her breakdown of the Top 10 Cool and Unusual Hotels in Portland is right on point (especially about the McMenamin's Kennedy School).   She's built a great blog that everyone should be following if they are not doing so today.  There is a lot of weird going on in Portland so the fact that Becky quickly picked up on it makes her a winner!  Enjoy the read.

Man On The Lam

Raymond has put together a fantastic blog that summarizes a few escapes and adventures that I’ve wanted to go on.  I loved the post about A Day For Champs and Gents in Munich.  I would highly recommend following @manonthelam and keep your mind open for fantastic escapes!

Twenty Something Travel

Twenty-Something Travel is a blog about why your twenties are the best time to travel, and the planning, resources and opportunities available to you. Steph, the main blogger of the site, always provides creative and informative articles about travelling. Her article How Emotions Affect Travel were truly worth your time. Also sometimes, they have guest posters like this post Travel with Caution, Not Fear, that has really helpful tips on travelling abroad. You can follow her at @20sTravel.

Get In The Hotspot

Get In the Hot Spot is for travel loving women aged 40+ who want to be more adventurous, have more fun and feel fabulous. Annabel, the blogger of her own site design her blogs for adventure travel like hiking or biking holidays, eco-travel, nature and wildlife, luxury travel, spa breaks, Girl’s getaways for time out from the kids, family travel, food and cultural experiences. Her post Photo Story: Horse-Riding on Rainbow Beach will surely get your interest! I would highly recommended following @AnnabelCandy!

Wild Junket

Nellie and Alberto are a married couple passionate about independent travel, outdoor adventures, languages and food. They love to travel on wild and distant places in the world, such as the Galapagos and Madagascar. Her post 70 Photos of Oman that Will Inspire You to Visit! will make you love and appreciate this place. Follow her adventures at @WildJunket!

Hike Bike Travel

Leigh is a published author and she complied the top experiences to whet your appetite for adventure in Canada. Her article about The Beauty Creek Hike To Stanley Falls In Jasper National Park is very awesome. You can follow her at @hikebiketravel to satisfy your crave for nature’s beauty.

Go Backpacking

This blog is dedicated to inspiring and motivating others to make their travel dreams come true, whether it be a one week vacation or a 5-year vagabonding odyssey. Dave’s post Backyard Travel: The Importance of Traveling Within Your Own Country is one of my favorite. Follow him at @rtwdave and note his wise and practical guides in travelling.

Globo Treks

The main purpose with Norbert’s blog is to inspire you to see the world too and to show you how possible and affordable it is to travel the world. Try to see his post 20+ Stunning Places in Iceland You Must Visit Now and for sure you will surely appreciate this place. Connect with him at @GloboTreks and find out his other interesting posts.

My Several Worlds

A Canadian expat that has been living abroad in Asia since 2003, Carrie moved from China to Taiwan in 2006 to teach English as a Second Language while posting her experiences like Traveling to Taiwan. Carrie also works as a freelance travel writer and photographer, providing regular content to several publishing companies and travel publications in Asia and North America. Follow Carrie on Twitter @globetrotteri.

Flora The Explorer

Flora, a freelance writer, traveller and avid volunteer has an obsession for hunting out the weirdnesses of the world. You’ll also find a number of personal narratives about the issues she face when travelling. From a lack of self-confidence, fears of heights and falling and struggles with language, to getting sick on the road, saying goodbye and even falling in love: they’re all hot topics for a solo traveller. Check her post about Morocco,  A Case of the Chefchaouen Blues. You can also follow her at @FloraBaker .

Trip and Travel Blog

Trip and Travel Blog is the best place to find interesting news, stories and reviews about destinations from all over the world. Elsi and his team are passionate about travel and do our best to bring you the highest quality of travel content. In our website you’ll also find the best possible images for every location. They caught my attention on their post 5 Horrifying Statues Nobody Wants In Their City. Follow them at @TripandTravelBl.

Breakaway Backpacker

Jaime documents his questions, thoughts, tips, adventures and anything else that comes with his journey round-the-world and his life. He even want to show everyone that it is possible to breakaway and be happy. Oh & share his love for Kelly Clarkson as well! One of his popular post was; The Last Goodbye. And yes it was really great. Even you have to say bye, you will never forget the person in that goodbye because you both had share something special. How about following him at @BAbackpacker to know more about him and get some tips!

Adventures of A Goodman

Greg a father and a great husband features places that are good to be in. As of now his page was under construction but then he featured some of his amazing shots. “Sunset over the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk” was very great, it’s a peaceful and a relaxing place for you budds! How about visiting their site?

Trans-Americas Journey

Karen Catchpole & Eric Mohl 10 year/200,000 mile road trip through North, Central & South America. They headed out to explore their own backyard—the Americas–to better understand where they live and where they fit into the wider world. And so the adventure begins! They spend  years exploring and sharing their experiences and insights with readers via their influential travel blog and through their freelance work for major travel publications in the US and Canada. One of the most great adventure they had was “Saints and Satchels – Jericó, Colombia”

There’s much more to come as their Trans-Americas Journey road trip continues south, all the way to Tierra del Fuego where the road literally ends so stay tuned! Follow them @TransAmericas on twitter!

One Giant Step

Gillian left her ‘home and native land’ for untold adventures in far away lands.Their plan is loose at best; Their only goals are freedom and happiness. One thing that is unique about their travelling is they do cycling! Aside from wandering around the world we could also be fit and healthy! No need to spend lots of money. Her blog page also contains tips and travel tricks. So great! Follow along as they make, and tell, their stories @OneGiantStep on twitter!  

The Traveling Philosopher

Spencer, was fortunate enough to start traveling at a young age. He also made a list of places he have been and stuffs he have done. He also share tips and some memorable pictures and videos on his blog page! Follow him on twitter @spencerspellman for more interesting travel moments Spencer had. I also find his “Travel gear to never leave home” very useful. Great reminder for you dear traveller!

A Cook Not Mad

Tim (a chef) & Nat (a photographer), Captures the flavours of traveling through Italy.they also inspire you to travel and cook more. They have travelled through Europe, Canada and the US discovering delicious food along the way. If you’d like to get in touch with us feel free to join them on twitter @acooknotmad

Roy Marvelous

Roy is a Yoga teacher, artist, writer, traveler, dancer, cyclist & minimalist. Some of his more interesting adventures are: – Worked on cruise ships (Alaska, Carribean, Med, Baltics, South America), – Organized Free Hugs events in Prague, Berlin, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, San Diego & Barcelona, – Ran a travel blog for 2.5 years (500+ posts) you can learn more bout him  @roymarvelous on twitter!


Juanderfulpinoy is a community of wanderers who love to share stories about a developing nation, the beautiful island Philippines that features ideas for people who love to travel, take photographs and want to live the dream they want.This website is also about our series of travel adventures seeking of environmental challenges and solutions. They’ve featured Itogon, Benguet a lovely place! So if you have the same love of travel follow him @juanderfulpinoy on twitter!

Next Stop Who Knows

Here are couple who have been traveling for ten years! Carlo and Florence. They have lots of interesting tales to tell and share with the world. That’s why they’ve made this blog. They have tips and tricks to share. They’ve never regretted blogging funny experiences. How about following these lovebirds on twitter @nxtstopwhoknows

You're Not From Around Here

Steve A travel blogger covering living, working, volunteering and travelling in over 90 countries. Great traveller indeed. I was very stunned with his post about “Unusual foods I’ve eaten around the world” as a traveller it shows how dedicated he is when it come on travelling and adapting cultures and embracing them. It’s not that easy. Follow him @SteveWBT on twitter!

The Wrong Way Home

Izy a 26 years old blogger of The Wrong Way Home is all about her adventures finding somewhere or something that’s captivating enough she never want to leave. She spend a lot of time in cheaper places to leverage the currency and save money. So can we! @wrongwayhome follow on twitter to know more about her!

Socially Superlative

Socially Superlative is a lifestyle digital publication for media, PR professionals, and influencers at the center of culture, music, and entertainment; a hub for discriminating trendsetters. I liked their “Travel Idea: Western Australia’s Coral Coast Motorcycle Trip” “Riding a motorcycle along Australia’s Coral Coast is a unique way to create lasting memories, experience the thrill of the ride, discover Australia on two wheels, and travel at your own pace & your terms.” For more travel ideas follow them on twitter @sosuperlative

Travel Bug Juice

Kelly, a journalist-turned backpacker, spoken word artist, party animal and travel junkie. Also the founder and owner of Go! Girl Guides and Go! Girl Adventures. Kelly loves nightlife that much! She features different places around the world where craziest parties can be found. Kelly is such a Penny-pinching travel journalist.You love raves and parties? Concerns or travel-related advertising propositions? Follow @TravelBugJuice on twitter.

Woman Seeks World

Nicole share her experiences of going from an unhappy and apathetic rat race office worker, to discovering her passions and making them a reality.  You may relate too from her if you’re an office worker burnt out because of many paper works! This site is all about inspiring people to follow their passions,

live their dreams and to say goodbye to monotony, apathy and ‘settling’ for good. If you dream of travelling the globe, this is the spot for you! Travel soothes the soul, ignites our passions, and can lead us to experience some of the most amazing and wonderful people, places and cuisine of our lives. One of her post which surely will help is “8 Ways To Cure Homesickness While Abroad” coz we all suffer homesickness when we leave home. For more i highly recommend you to follow her on twitter @WomanSeeksWorld

Earth Torch

Johnny Ward is an avid traveler, with over 100 countries under his belt and still in his twenties. He favours traveling by land whenever possible (including trips from South Africa to the Middle East, China to France and Japan to Australia!), because air travel just doesn’t quite cut it. This blog site a travel for those of them who are happy to travel the world, but not at the expense of a dirty big carbon footprint. They wanna travel smarter, healthier and greener. To visit 100 countries doesn’t mean to destroy our planet with huge airline tickets and excess gas consumption, but nor does it mean that we should spend our time hugging trees and tie-dying our tshirts. They also feature tips and places you must-visit. Feel free to message him at johnny@earthtorch.com

Mismatched Passports

Jon and Gia, a world travelling couple whose passports are enemies. They are from different worlds, Jon’s New Zealand passport is loved by all (the New Zealand passport is the 5th best in the world) while Gia’s Filipino one is often subject to long interrogations. Despite their Mismatched Passports, they have defied the odds to be together on a journey around the world. Id love almost all of their post and photos. Two lovely humans who fell in love with travelling. Such a lovely lovebirds! I highly recommend you to follow them on @mmpassports on twitter for more romantic-adventures-some tips!

2 Nomads 1 Narrative

Two nomads = One American + One Welshman. One narrative = this blog. They have been traveling and teaching their way around the world ever since. After living in the South Korea, Vietnam and Peru for a while they are back on the road in South America!  I like their post “SURF AT SUNSET” their shot was taken in Hunachaco, an awesome little beach town outside Trujillo in northern Peru. Great sun, sand & surf draws in the tourists, particularly surfers. They said they had a blast in Hunachaco, soaking up the laid back vibe & beach-bumming amidst incredible sunsets.       Follow them on twitter for more @2_Nomads


This travel blog follows the adventures of Jen (the writer) and her partner, Ben (the brain stormer) on their travels around the world. They will be posting guidebook type articles on places they’ve been to and general inspirational articles on what drives them to travel. They both share a passion for travel and have travelled extensively throughout Europe, Asia and Central America. Good thing about their blog site is that they give you a warning about the places you might travel on without knowing there are some unexpected charges or expenses. “Bangkok’s Ping Pong Shows – A Survival Guide” really helps! They do share a number of tips for you not to fall on traps. Follow @travelbllgr on twitter for more tips and travel reminders!

Heels and Wheels Online

The blogger of this blog site prefer slow travel, which allows her to not just visit a place, but almost become a part of it. She encourage travel in any and all ways. If long trips are not for you, that’s okay. This site has plenty to help the weekend holiday makers, such as 24-hour guides. If travel isn’t for you at all, that’s okay too. She also gives tips about destinations, Guides,roadtrip and so many more. Follow her on twitter @HW_Travel

Ferreting Out The Fun

Heather is very Passionate about travel, food, history and animals. She always  try to bring a curiosity and fun-loving attitude to most any experience that comes along. She have visited 31 countries already! One of their published article i’ve liked the most is the “ In La La Land, Oi Vietnam” which conjures up visions of a magical realm tucked away on some distant, exotic mountain, an idyllic place equally difficult to find as it is to leave. Their blog site contains arts, about family, Travel tips, travel photos and so many more. Follow them on twitter @Oi_Vietnam for more!

I Should Log Off

Such a lovely couple! Jillian and Danny a couple looking to explore the world. They’ve travelled many places already. Their photos on Africa is a wow. I’d like to experience walking with my buddy on a sunny afternoon and see how wonderful giraffes are. Their blog page includes bucket list, travel tips and how they travel for free. Stay tuned fellow travellers! Follow them @ishouldlogoff on twitter!

Chyng Reyes

Chyng features  lots of best beaches here on Philippines!  She also do solo travelling. She also  travel out of the country. So far i like her photos of Palawan beaches. I think it’s a great place to relax ourselves or bond with  our beloved ones!   Follow her and stay tuned about her upcoming travels @chyngreyes on twitter.

The Fabulous Report

The Fabulous Report (TFR) gives you an insider peek at outstanding and wonderful events that nightlife has to offer. They aim to give you an intimate view at fabulous people and how you too (yes you too) can take advantage of it all. Dig in. They have lots of featured stories about skincares, fashion and beauty, Great careers and so many more. Follow them on twitter for more @TheFabReport

Caffeinated Traveller

Caffeinated Traveller post destination articles for cities and countries all over the world, letting you know about interesting things to see and do, while recommending coffee-related attractions along with the major sights. Other articles focus more precisely on caffeinated tourism, by telling you about things like the best coffee shops in Berlin to drink a cup with the hipsters or the most atmospheric coffee farms and plantations, where you can see where it all begins. They also endeavour to bring you the best of the world’s tea shops, plantations, and tourist sites related to the favorite afternoon drink of many people across the globe.  There are also many bakeries and pastry shops that serve the perfect accompaniment to your dark roast.  They cover those places as well, as it is all part of an optimal coffee/tea drinking experience when one is on vacation. @CaffeineTravel follow them on twitter caffeine lover traveller!

Food Fun Travel

Tommo & Megsy two roaming food and travel photographers & writers with an insatiable passion for seeking out culinary deliciousness. They’ve visited 85+ countries to find the ultimate Food Worth Traveling For. Their main goal on travelling is to seek out food worth traveling for – and inspire others through photography and storytelling to also experience these one of a kind food experiences. They’ve posted about foods on Bali which seems so yummy. I would recommend to follow them @FoodFunTravel on twitter you food lovers/traveller!


Theodora a great adventurer loves wandering different and challenging places. “Five Reasons You Should Totally Dive Malapascua” shows it all. An exotic type of adventurer. She wasn’t even afraid of sharks there! Follow her @escapeartistes for more fun and mighty adventures!

Belize Adventure

Lorenzo a travel blogger specializes on travel to Belize. He may help you alot if your next travel target is on Belize! His post about about Toledo makes me want to go there. It’s not one of the heavily visited district in Belize, yet; native people lives here. Many Mayan women washes their clothes in the river, while men tends to the fields. If you’d like to leave the city life for a while how about considering many great places in Belize? Follow him @lorenzojuniah on twitter for more great adventures!

I Backpack Canada

Corbin blogs about Canadian Travel. He write about experiences, hostels, hotels, Canadian resorts, camping, hiking, adventure, outdoors, wildlife, Canadiana, culture, food, history, beer, and a bunch of other things that tickle him. He was once featured blogger for internationally. acclaimed online and print travel guides, Lonely Planet. You can view his syndicated blog posts in the Lonely Planet’s Canada Section. How about following him on Twitter @ibackpackcanada

Jonathan Look

Jonathan longed for adventure and experiences, He started this blog to demonstrate to his fellow baby boomers that the world is not some scary place and it is still open and available to those who are motivated and curious enough to go out and see it for themselves. I loved his photography gallery “Whale Watching in Tadoussac, Quebec, Canada” You’ll surely appreciate God’s wonder of creation. Follow him on twitter @LifePartII

20 Years Hence

Steph & Tony, a married writer & photographer duo who have been living their dreams & traveling the world since August 2012. This site is a bit like a scrapbook documenting their journey and the adventures along the way, but it’s also a creative space where we can explore the art of storytelling through words and photos. They also posts budget breakdowns on their page. A big help for us travellers! I absolutely liked their budget breakdown posts truly it helps a lot. They will teach you how to stretch your budget. Yes you should follow this lovely adventurous couple @20YH on twitter!

So Many Places

Kim, a very dedicated traveler. She had sold her stuff and quit her 9-5 job in order to travel the world. Great sacrifice for the sake of travelling the wonders of the world! She had published two books already. The “The Yellow Envelope” and the “Life on Fire” books related on travelling and how to make your dreams come true! You can get lots of tips from her.Check out her twitter @kimdinan. Her post about how she made it to Santiago de Compostela was miserable yet so worthy! She got that traveller spirit!

All Over The Map

All Over the Map began as a travel journal when Paige took an 11-month trip around the world with her husband and twin daughter, visiting 28 countries along the way. But there is always more to see! She now helps others plan great vacations as a travel planner at All Over the Map Travel, and tour organizer at Unquote Travel

The Pinay Solo Backpacker

Gael, A Filipina travel blogger. Her work has appeared in local and international publications. Her blog page features cheap vacation packages, travel budget guides, cheap homes for sale, mini family vacation and lots of tips for people who wants to wander around the Philippines! I would absolutely recommend the “Caramoan Island, Camarines sur” beach that she featured on her site. It was really good and very captivating. Flaunt your summer body dear travelers! For more great places to discover follow her on twitter @pinaybackpacker.

Rocky Travel

Michela a solo traveller, writer, blogger and publisher of Rocky Travel: The leading travel blog for the solo traveller in Australia. Rocky Travel is for people who love to travel independently, don’t want to spend a fortune, and want to get the best value deals for their money. She believes that travelling means freedom. Which is true! Seems like we’re birds able to go wherever we want! Michela on her Solo Trip on “Kangaroo Island, 2013” Was great. Makes us want to go there. Specially for those who wants to travel solo! Check her twitter account for more info’s @rockytravel

Francis Tapon

Francis Tapon, an author, Global Nomad, a public speaker had travelled 150,473 kilometers already! He had visited almost 49 african countries and 111 total countries visited. A great adventurer indeed. In his page he had featured lots of videos about his travelling. His page was packed with very useful tips and colorful stories. Check out his twitter @ftapon for more infos. Surely you’ll like his  The Hidden Europe which cleverly mixes insightful facts with hilarious personal anecdotes. It’s profound, yet light. Francis Tapon is a sharp observer who helps you distinguish a Latvian from a Lithuanian, while not confusing Slovenia with Slovakia.

A Couple Travelers

Vicky and Dave want to make this blogsite more than just a travel blog rather a travel resource. A place where you can go for your travel needs. A place where you can see them get lost, over pay for cabs, and make the mistakes, so readers like us don’t have to. Follow their page at @ACoupleTraveler.

Leave Your Daily Hell

Robert designed his blogs to inform, inspire, entertain and empower you to travel. In addition to the hundreds of free articles found within the categories below, He also offer a custom, premium travel planning service. 17 Places You Should Visit in 2017 is worth reading!

Candice Does The World

Candice is passionate writer, blogger, world traveller and you can follow her at @candicewalsh. She regularly post her personal travel blogs with stories from Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, and the world beyond. You will surely love Florence with her post Four Days in Florence: An Imperfect Itinerary.

Philippines Travel Forum

Philippine Travel Forum aims to become a source of helpful information about travelling in the Philippines. It will have articles focusing on various travel destinations around the country and some helpful tips as well. It also offers promo’s and discount to make your travelling more convenient and cheap as it can! @philtravelforum follow on twitter for more!

Worldy View

Brenden, write beautiful stories with stunning photography that will be sure to inspire and leave a lasting impression. His blog page is a must visit site! He captures at his best. His posts was really eye captivating. He posted an article about “5 Reasons Why Traveling Sucks” but  this article will not be what you think it is. He see a lot of these reasons as positive and they are why he yearn to get away and explore someplace new, but these can also be seen as reasons why traveling sucks to some. For more you can read his article on his site or better follow him @worldly_view on twitter!

TravelnCamping Info

Travelncampinginfo is a site where you can get all together. Where to travel, Travel tips, Travel essentials, Where to camp, Best camping sites, Budget Travel; where you can stretch your budget. How about following them on twitter @TravelNCamping for more!


At Pillow, they are committed to taking you to the best and most exciting festivals and events across Europe and Adventure Travel destinations around the world. They can promise you some amazing adrenalin packed adventures and new memories that will last a lifetime.  If you want to sing your heart out at Glastonbury Music Festival, throw tomatoes at La Tomatina, drink Beer at Oktoberfest or fancy watching the horses at Royal Ascot we promise you great quality, well organised and professional tours at fantastic prices with like minded people. If you are looking for adventure travel holidays, you have come to the right place. Pillow offers a perfect blend of adventure and excitement, in some of the most exotic locations around the world. They currently offer Adventure Travel Tours to Morocco, India, Nepal and Egypt. Follow @pillowadventure on twitter!

A Year In Motion

Ayearinmotion is a site that helps you on making your move on a place more comfortable,convenient and safe. They do endorse online service that lets ordinary people and commercial businesses rent out couches, rooms, full homes, and even exotic accommodations like castles and tree houses just like a rental home with whatever conditions they want (minimum stay, rate, etc.) It’s a great premise to make some extra cash for an unused space and an even better way for the budget minded traveler to get a great rate, amazing hospitality, and the inside local connection with the destination your heading to. Follow them @ayearinmotion on twitter.

Just One Way Ticket

One of the best ways to learn more about travel is to go do it!  Sabrina has pulled together a great way of looking at it and learning from her.  I love her reviews of technology, travel gear and places to stay.  One of the best things you can do is continue to learn and she provides a guide to the best travel jobs.  I highly recommend taking a look at her blog which contains videos, reviews and you'll need to read her post about 'I Want To Travel For The Rest Of My Life - 15 Travel Bloggers Tell How To Do It'. 

Flip Nomad

If you're looking for a well organized site with Tips, Food Recommendations and some great step by step guides, you need to stop by Flip Nomad.  They also bring in some guest nomads that you can check out that can give you some fantastic tips.  I haven't visited the Philippines but Flip Nomad's breakdown of the 40 best islands is a must read if you plan on going.  I love the Step by Step Guide to Immigrating to Germany - because I've considered it!

The Travel Chica

One of the most challenging things is to pull together a budget.  If you're looking for tips and tricks on building a travel budget, make sure to stop by and check out Stephanie's blog with full detail on how to go about it.  She is also an expert in Buenos Aires and put together a fantastic city guide that can help you if you're looking for some assistance on your trip to Central America.  If that's too much, just go check out her travel tips and you'll be on your way to a new adventure.

If you're on Twitter, check her out @thetravelchica Enjoy the spectacular blog and guides when you have time!

Travel Freak

Jeremy has one of the best blogs around and if you're not following him, you need to.  I love how getting your money back on travel is a main focus point for him.  If you're looking at starting a travel blog, he's put together some great resources for that too. Since starting it in 2010, and reading 30 Things to do in 30 Countries before you're 30, I've been inspired to put together this blog.  Thanks Jeremy!


Iceland has been on my list for years and it's enlightening to read through Suzanne's review of Touring Iceland’s Golden Circle Route from Reykajvik.  One of these years I'll get there but until I have the time, it's always great to read her reviews of wonderful spots that are on my bucket list.  If you're looking for info on cruises, travel tips or travel products then stop by her blog and make sure to follow her on Twitter @Boomeresque.  Keep up the wonderful reviews and see you somewhere around the globe!

Indefinite Adventure

Have you been looking for a fantastic guide for quick trips, vegan tips or just an overall helpful resource to traveling internationally?  Well - Sam and Zab have pulled something unique together that is worth following and make sure you're tracking them on Twitter @IndefiniteAdven.  Their latest 24 hour guide in Paris  is one you shouldn't miss so make sure you have some time to stop by and say hello!  Oh - also if you're Vegan - they have a great guide to help you keep you in line when traveling internationally.  Enjoy it!

Bohemian Trails

Megan has done a fantastic job with the photography, interesting blog posts and inspiring tails of adventure.  I love her 5 Reasons To Visit the Guinness Factory.  If you haven't been there, read that!  It's a great spot in Ireland and should never be missed.  The titles and format of her blog makes me want to continue to read and follow anything new that she publishes.  Thank you Megan for a wonderful source of help!  Follow her @BohemianTrails.

Gap Year Escape

With Amar's top lists and guides to some of my bucket lists spots, I had to include his wonderful blog here.  It's one of the top blogs I'll be following in 2017 and I wanted to make sure it's on your radar.  I've been reading the Beginner's Guide to Interrailing Europe and his tips are fantastic so if you're thinking of traveling, please check this out.  Make sure to follow him @gapyearescape.  


Mica has compiled a fantastic blog and one of my favorites is her 24 Hours in Singapore!  I travel for business quite a bit and this is incredibly helpful for me so thank you Mica!  For those that are looking for travel guides, you've found a great spot.  Make sure you check out The Quaint Naval City of Karlskrona, Sweden

Ali Adventures

Ali does a fantastic job of breaking down the places she's been.  I love the map she's put together that let's you see the detail of her travels over the years.  She also put together a fantastic carry-on size chart for a breakdown on carry on size by airline that I haven't seen anywhere else.  Her tips on travel spending are also killer so you'll need to add Ali to your 2017 list of best bloggers to follow!  Enjoy the time on her site or on Twitter @AliAdventures7.

A View To A Thrill

After reading through The Big Zombie Tour, I thought it would be important to include Renee because she does a fantastic job with the layout and content of her blog.  I love how she put together her theme of Travel Photo Thursday and allows me to see some new photos of locations I haven't been able to make it to yet.  Thank you @aviewtoathrill for putting together amazing content.  You must stop by and check it out. 

Grounded Traveler

Andrew's unique approach to his blog gives it a flavor not seen by others on this list.  I've always thought about living in Germany and if you have too, check this out.  His whole site is dedicated to exactly that.  If you're looking for a good read, stop by his site or if you're up for it - start following him on Twitter at @groundedtravelr.  His post about What to expect when walking the Cumbria Way is a fascinating read. 

Travelling King

Samantha (Sam) has one of the most helpful blogs when it comes to learning more about social media use as a travel blogger or travel planning services.  It also exists to help you plan your perfect trip.  There are over 350 articles that can help you figure out what's most important to you so please make sure and check out the site and how to Plan Your Perfect Trip.  If you'd prefer, you can always start following @TravellingKing1.

Start Backpacking

Greg has pulled together a fantastic backpacking guide blog and of course backpacking tips.  You will need to take a look at his backpacking travel guide when you have a moment because it's exactly what you need!  If you're looking for some of the best advice, tips and tricks then stop by and say hi to Greg on his blog or @vagabondinglife

The Travelling Fool

Bob's unique approach to travel and his love for history, cigars and his approach of 'traveling off the tourist path' got him on this list!  I also love how he created a section called The Man Cave that breaks down some pretty awesome gear, topics and of course cigars.  I also found his recent ultimate list of the best jobs for travel to be pretty enlightening.  Go check out his site or follow him @thetravelfool.

Lash World Tour

Lash has done a fantastic job of putting together monthly summaries of her travels.  I am working on building a wonderful blog just like her!  It's inspiring to see a Nomadic world traveler like Lash and I really love her 10 Reasons I'm Itching to Visit Iceland post.  If you want follow her fantastic travels, make sure to follow her @LashWorldTour

Mai Travel Site

One of the biggest challenges of being a travel blogger is putting together consistently great content.  A great way of accomplishing that is creating Travel Guides.  I love the breakdown of Mexico and the history behind each city to visit.  It's incredibly powerful to have a guide like this and it reads like a magazine.   Thank you so much for pulling this together @Federico

Two Bad Tourists

If you're looking for the best Gay City Guides site or the best way of planning a trip, you need to check out the Two Bad Tourists blog.  They've quickly been growing their site and have 30,000+ followers on Twitter and 8000+ Facebook fans.  They've also put together the 11 Must-Have Resources For Long Term Travelers which includes services for mail forwarding.  If you're looking for a fantastic well rounded resource, make sure to follow them @twobadtourists

World Travel Destination Guide

The guides continue to be a theme and that holds true for Suki who has created a fantastic guide to destinations across the globe.  His most recent post about the 5 fun activities to try in Tuscany, Italy was inspiring to me because I just got back from Rome.  As he states, many people are there looking at the lovely architecture but it's the food you can't miss!  Anyway,  the layout by country and detailed posts are a must read if you're looking for a fantastic way to spend an afternoon.  Thanks @TravelGuides2

The Travelling Feet

Some of the best blogs come where you don't expect to find them.  I stumbled upon The Travelling Feet and have been intrigued by the travels, Friday Foodies and love reading stories of random thoughts and meeting of strangers on the road.  If you're looking for some fantastic tips, tricks and detailed travel stories about Cambodia, Japan or Thailand, I would highly recommend stopping by or following Doi @travelling_feet.  You can also find her great Tips and Hints for Travelling Around Southeast Asia if you're interested. 


Michael has compiled a fantastic guide and the Five Fascinating Facts About...French Polynesia which I never knew before.  It's a great way to educate yourself because just as Michael - it's on my bucket list to get there too.  Tahiti is one of those places that is so expensive but seems like a once in a lifetime experience.  I appreciate how Michael puts his thoughts together and makes it easy to understand through his destinations, gallery and tips of travel.  Thanks @StruxTravel

How To Travel With Pets

Anil has taken a unique approach to how he has become a digital nomad traveler.  I always see people on planes or traveling that are stressed out about their pet - whether that's a dog, cat or goldfish!  I love his post about the Basic Tips on Pet Travel and will continue to follow him as the tips continue to roll in.  Nice work @foxnomad!

All Colores

Ayelet put together a blog that hit me because of the Winter Wonderland section.  Sometimes I feel like I've been living in a Winter Wonderland and I love it too!  It's great to see someone dedicate a section of their blog to put together a fantastic breakdown of the locations they can travel to for an adventure in the winter vs. a Caribbean summer.  I love reading your work @AyeletWeisz

Aspiring Backpacker

Seb has done an amazing job with the format of this blog.  The blog posts, format and overall nature of this is incredible.  I love the post about The Best Beach Resorts in Mexico because I just got back and he breaks down some of the top places I could have stayed if I did the trip all over again.  I wish I would have read this before taking off!  Thanks @Aspiringbpacker

Sick On The Road

Trip planning, information about a specific illness or disease outbreak or just trying to find travel insurance.  This is the place for you to send some time with.  There are also travel health products on there too.  In a time when you want to go skydiving or some type of extreme sport, it's time to make sure you have the resources needed to survive whatever adventure you're on.  Be safe out there @sickontheroad

Venga, Vale, Vamos

With such a positive attitude and a love for travel, you'd fall in love with Kirstie's blog as soon as you click on the link above.  Her latest post (at the time of publishing) is the 16 Reasons 2016 Was the Best Year Ever.  Who can argue with that and since she has reviews of Vegas and Madrid, you must go say hi.  Enjoy the reading from @KirstieTravels 

Man vs. World

Following Simon throughout the world has been an adventure!  I love that he's taken the initaitive to put together an ebook about London's Best Riverside Pubs.  It's fantastic to see this and comparing Living in London vs. Life in New Zealand.  Follow Simon @themanvsworld for more adventures.  Keep it up Simon.

Backpacking Man

Jonny's focus on travel photography, blogging and just overall being an adventure junkie is seen through his entire section of Adventure Travel.  The most recent (as of time of posting this) was the 30 Photos of Hiking The Afghanistan Pamir.  What an adventure that must have been.  I can't wait to see the next adventure he goes on because I'm jealous of the adventures he's been able to take.  Go say hi @backpackingman

Wanderlust Storytellers

Jolene & Andrzej have put together a very unique approach to travel blogging with Family Holidays, Parent Escapes and Destinations.  Being a new parent, going through and getting inspiration from the Rome Italy section of this brought me back to our trip to Rome earlier this year.  It's fantastic to see reviews of the Recommended Luxurious Places to Stay in Italy.  Thank you @Wanderluststory

Ah Trini Travelogue

Rishi has put together a framework for reviewing continents in his blog full of adventure and we can't miss out on his 'wandering tours' like the latest one about Wandering Philadelphia.  Come on by to take a look a the creation that has fantastic intel for you!  Also go connect with @rishiray

Wrapping Up!

One of the most fantastic things about blogging is that everyone has an opinion of their trip, gear or just telling you amazing stories.  I for one am always on the lookout for the best travel backpack so my stories will revolve around backpacks. I highly recommend adding these bloggers to your list in 2017 and make sure to follow them on Twitter.  It's important to stay connected in the community and I would only hope for the best!  If you're looking for a front loading backpack, make sure to check out what I put together. 

Backpack Boss

We give you the best reviews of the top travel, backpacking, carry on and just overall awesome backpacks on the market today!

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