Best Places To Travel in November

Traveling in November allows you to both beat the crowds and grab off season deals in many corners of the globe. My list of the best places to travel in November is based on my own experience and my love for traveling in crisp autumn air and also escaping to perfect summertime weather in paradise. Whether you prefer the former or the latter, I’m sure that any of the destinations below will cure your wanderlust this November.


Best Places To Travel In November

Spain is a country known for its tapas, cheap wine, beaches, and lively people. It is advisable to avoid traveling to Spain in the midst of summer. Not only will you encounter crowds and higher prices, the Spanish summer sun is a force to not be underestimated. By November the heat has cooled off a bit but is often still warm enough to wear shorts and a light jacket at night. Central and northern Spain are ideal for watching the leaves turn colors over a nice glass of Spanish wine and a tapa. On the other hand, southern Spain is still quite hot and you can even squeeze in a few November beach days. Most travelers opt for Madrid or Barcelona but don’t be afraid of wandering off to a few lesser known destinations. It is fairly simple to use the train system in Spain to travel to other cities and towns. Hop over to San Sebastian which is famous for its culinary creations or even to Valencia, a beach town famous for its paella. Take the train down to Seville to see the mix between Spanish and Islamic in everything from the architecture to food. I have a great love for Spain and truly believe that it is one of the easiest countries to fall in love with.

The Philippines

Best Places To Travel In November

November is just the end of the rainy season for the Philippines. Boracay or the less touristy Palawan are both great choices for travelers wishing to have a beach holiday where they can sip on a cocktail by the beach and go island hopping. The November ocean water will still be warm and the sun still shining. Choosing to go to Palawan is for those individuals who love getting off the beaten path. First, stop in Puerto Princesa to visit the famous underground river which is continuously being added to lists of the most beautiful and impressive natural wonders of the world. In high season this attraction will have you booking tickets weeks in advance. However, in November you should be able to easily book a ticket with your hotel upon arrival. After hitting the underground river be sure to head to the northern part of the island to El Nido. Here you will find a small, quaint town that has not quite been overrun by tourists. Go island hopping or kayaking during the day and try out the local flavors by night. Be sure to rent snorkeling equipment and an underwater camera so that you can observe the unbelievable plant and aquatic life!

The Caribbean

Best Places To Travel In November

Although there are many great months to visit the Caribbean and its white, sandy beaches, November is a great time to take advantage of off-season hotel and cruise deals. Most people will chose to come here during their summer holiday or during their christmas vacation. Thus, November is the perfect time. Barbados, Jamaica, Bermuda….. there are any number of islands to visit in the Caribbean. Depending on your style of travel you can choose to go on an all-inclusive cruise where you can lay by the pool and drink tropical cocktails or head to a single country destination to get to know the culture a bit better. If you prefer staying in one location try out Curacao for perfect scuba diving or enjoy the unbelievable cuisine in Punta Cana. One thing is certain: any island you choose will offer you crystal clear water, breathtaking beaches, and Caribbean hospitality. You can’t go wrong with a Caribbean Holiday!

Hong Kong

Best Places To Travel In November

Taking advantage of the natural side of Hong kong is best done in the late fall, especially in the month of November. Asia’s world city is known for its bustling streets, selection of restaurants and international shopping. However, most of Hong Kong's beauty lies in its lush green mountains and sandy beaches. Hong Kong is home to a countless number of hiking trails that offer views of Hong Kong's most beautiful and secluded islands and beaches. Dragon’s Back Trail will satisfy both avid hikers and beginner hikers alike. Reaching the top of the peak will take roughly an hour and at this point you can see a lovely view of clear blue water on one side and skyscrapers on the other. Head over to Lamma Island or Lantau Island for a day for a quick hike followed by freshly caught seafood prepared in a Cantonese style. Both of these islands can be reached by ferry from the center of Hong Kong and are suitable for a 5-6 hour time out from the busy city center. Hong Kong is the perfect balance between a city and nature getaway.

Of the four destinations above, any one of them will offer a perfect November getaway. Whether you prefer discovering the natural side of traveling or checking out new restaurants and international brands, I believe your perfect destination can be found in the list above!

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