About Us

Backpackboss.com exists to provide a fresh perspective on traveling the world with a focus on backpacks.  We have put together a destination that will provide travel stories, photography and of course backpack information you can't find anywhere else.  

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This site is about making travel fun and exciting with the travel companion you know and love so dearly - your backpack!  There will continue to be more updates soon but for now - check out our backpack thoughts and some of the destination stories we have. 

Who is Backpack Boss?

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Andrew has been traveling from birth.  He has a family that loves to travel with him too.  He has an obsession with backpacks so you'll see it in the travel adventures that get published here. 

Born and raised in California and Oregon he's been to 35+ states and ​21 countries.  This is a collection of his stories, adventures and he loves backpacks if you can't tell.  It's going to be a wild ride watching what the next 21 countries have in store so make sure to stop by and see what's coming up next!

Favorite Countries: Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands and Thailand

Favoriate Cities: San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Amsterdam, Rome, Barcelona, ​Nashville